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DeForge Exteriors Journey So Far

DeForge Exteriors delivers top-quality soffit, fascia, trough and siding installation and repair services to Campbellford and its surrounding areas. At DeForge Exteriors, we breathe a new life into your property through quality work that ensures your building’s longevity.
We repair and install exterior structures that provide protection, air circulation, and increased value to your property.


We have been in the industry for years and have worked with clients that believed in our expertise and were satisfied with the results. Our years of hands-on experience have enabled us to truly understand every customer’s unique needs in both function and aesthetics. We accurately match those expectations by bringing the best quality products to the table and ensuring the availability of wide colours and options to match the installations at any home or business. We are happy to provide budgeted price quotes for the outstanding results that we are known for.

Are You Looking for a Roof Siding?

DeForge Exteriors is the right choice to provide your property with the best exterior services.

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